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1° Milan Meet Immune Conference

1° Milan Meet Immune Conference - "How Metabolism Meets the Immune System in Human Malignancies"

Milano, 27-28 aprile 2023

Leaflet is available here.


Participation in the course is free, places available are limited.

It is possible to register online at the address https://fad.accmed.org/course/info.php?id=1162 by 18 april 2023.

Registration will be accepted in the chronological order of arrival and will be confirmed by e-mail.


Preclinical and clinical studies demonstrate how the modulation of systemic and tumor metabolism influences crucial properties of human neoplasms, namely can-cer cell growth, invasion, immunoregulation, metastasis and response to standard treatments, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapies. The objective of this Conference, the first of a series of annual conferences on this topic, is to bring together national and international experts in the field of pre-clinical and clinical research on cancer metabolism and immunology, with the aim of sharing and discussing the most recent advances in this field of research. In particular, the Speakers will discuss experimental therapeutic strategies which, through the modulation of host and tumor metabolism, are able to impact on the activation status of specific populations of the immune system involved in antitumor immune response.

Particular attention will be paid to the clinical implications of these experimental strategies, and in particular to metabolic treatments, both nutritional or phar-macological ones, which have demonstrated antitumor and immunomodulatory effects, especially when used in combination with standard anticancer therapies in preclinical studies, and that are currently being tested in clinical trials.

14 aprile 2023
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